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Oxford Advance Portable Patient Lift Central Coast

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The Oxford® Advance folding mobile patient lift is one of the most functional and stylish in its class today. Especially suited to home care and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is simply not available, the Advance also allows a user to travel outside of the confines of their own home.


  • Safe Working Load 155kg / 24st / 342Ibs
  • Exceptionally versatile and easy to manoeuvre
  • Compact folding design for easy transportation and storage
  • Ergonomic design considerations
  • On-board SmartTM Monitor diagnostic control box
  • ‘Swan-neck’ leg design

Versatile: The Advance also has truly outstanding performance. The moment you move or operate the Advance you are assured that every little detail has been considered during its meticulous design. Furthermore, the Advance lends itself to those environments where space and storage are at a premium. It is especially useful in home settings and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is simply not available.

Compact Folding Design: Unlike other products on the market, the Advance needs NO tools or special attachments to achieve its compact folded position. This functionality gives active users the option to travel outside the confines of their own home. Triangular folded design: This useful feature ensures two very important functions. (1) The lift stands unaided when being stored or transported. (2) The lift can be left safely in the knowledge that it will not become unstable whilst not in use.

Ergonomic design: The Advance was designed with the five key principles of moving and handling in mind. This direct correlation ensures Oxford’s lift designs are simple, safe and above all comfortable to use.

Smart™ Monitor: The Smart™ Monitor control system records the exact amount of work completed by the actuator each and every time the lift is used, regardless of a patient’s weight or lift height covered. The intelligent system advises the user to schedule key maintenance helping to ensure your lift remains in optimum condition.

  • Identifies total lift actuations and work completed
  • Identifies lift overloads (exceeding SWL)
  • Identifies service interval periods
  • Increases patient safety and product service life

‘Swan-neck’ Leg Design: The Advance’s unique ‘swan-neck’ leg design allows the lift to get even closer to the widest of obstacles. This is especially useful when encountering large chairs, bulky commodes and wheelchairs. The ‘swan-neck’ design also ensures that the patient feels safe and secure during the transfer process.

4-point positioning cradle: A shallow 4-point positioning cradle is available as an accessory providing the carer with a greater choice of sling systems.


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