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Kuschall K-Series Active Wheelchair Central Coast - Mobility Joy

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The iconic modular K-Series is the perfect product for you. The unique versatile seat module can be effortlessly modified independently from the frame and is fully adjustable to be able to fit you perfectly. Whether you require a more stable position or are more advanced, the K-Series can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.

This chair is the essence of Kuschall and what the brand stands for, it includes all our know how in what all users want. A wheelchair that combines versatility, performance and design. If there's a product that represents everything we believe in, K-Series is it.

Seat Module: If you are looking for something like this, you won’t find it. The seated module remains independent from the frame and allows you to change your seating set-up anytime, anywhere.

Ergonomic Backrest Brace: More grip and less lifting effort thanks to the new sleek hydroformed backrest brace. A cleverly designed wheelchair engineered to adapt with the changing elements in your daily life.

Easy Folding:  The lockdown folding backrest is height and angle adjustable. Easy folding with the perfect open frame design ensures effortless car transfers. Stay independent and on the go!

Hydro Forming: Hydroforming is a forming process which allows the shaping of metals into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces. With a high pressure process the tube is fully enclosed in a die prior to pressurization, resulting in new possibilities for complex shapes which are stronger, lighter and more rigid.

Customization: 5 Frame Colors, 2 Decal Designs & 6 Decal Colors avilable to Customize