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Kuschall Champion Foldable Wheelchair Central Coast - Mobility Joy

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Küschall Champion is the unique wheelchair that will give you the driving experience of a rigid frame with the convenience of a folding product. It’s the ultimate combination of modern design with proven hybrid performance. The SK (Swiss knife) option will make your Küschall Champion super compact to the size of a backpack, the perfect travel companion for your adventures.

Folding: With the unique folding unit on the Champion, you are able to effortlessly adapt and configure to the user’s requirements. One unit to adjust the centre of gravity in 9 different seat positions, rear seat height and 5 different possibilities on how to mount the adapter for different set ups.

Superior Engineering: The folding mechanism is the reason why the Champion has a superior driving performance vs other foldable wheelchairs. Perfectly engineered, the result is a hybrid wheelchair: foldable but with the stiffness and rigidity of a fixed frame.

Easy to Carry: Simply fold the main frame with the unique designed folding mechanism, for compact and easy transportation or travel. Super compact with the SK (Swiss knife-folding) option, enables the Champion to be folded even smaller.

Light Active Brake: The new light active brake, made entirely of aluminum and designed around the modern lines of the new frame, is almost a third lighter than other models. This new brake saves weight and gives you perfect control during activation. Precision even in the smallest details.

Hydro Forming: Strength, lightness and rigidity. The hydroformed front frame on the Kuschall Champion enhances your driving performance, increasing the stiffness and enabling effortless transfers with the ergonomic grip.

Cutomizationable: 5 Frame Colors, 2 Decal Designs & 6 Decal Colors avilable to Customize