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Immedia Sling Transfer Aid with Handles - 120cm

A versatile support aid to help carers when moving someone from bed to chair or back again, the sling with handles acts like an extension of your arms, reducing strain on the back while providing a secure grip.

This product can be used to help with a range of positioning changes, including moving someone up the bed or transferring between seated positions. The long sling has four handles on each side. The inner surface is made from a non-slip material to prevent the product from sliding or slipping while in use. The outer surface is made from a low friction material which helps you position the sling underneath the buttocks or other body regions easily.

The sling can be used by two carers or by a single carer when one handle is attached to the bed frame. This product is suitable for people weighing up to 150 kilograms.


  • Helps bed positioning and transfers
  • Long sling with four handles
  • Primarily for use by a carer
  • Low-friction outer padding
  • Four handles on each side
  • Non-slip, inner padding to prevent slipping
  • Maximum user weight 150 kg