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Homecraft Heatpan Shallow Single Hinged Lid 65X50X

Rolyan® Hinged Lid Heat Pans feature:
  • A new hinged lid design which guarantees no water is split outside the heat pan
  • More conveniently placed handles
  • Latching Switch
  • Slightly less room to manoeuvre than the lift off lid range, but there is no spillage
   9L Shallow
 28L Deep
 56L Deep
 Internal Dimensions
 (H x W x D)
 65mm x 500mm x 300mm  200mm x 500mm x 300mm  200mm x 620mm x 500mm
 External Dimensions
 (H x W x D)
 135mm x 535mm x 332mm  290mm x 538mm x 332mm  290mm x 660mm x 540mm
 Weight  5kg  10.8kg  18.3kg
 Lid  Single Hinged Lid  Single Hinged Lid  Double Hinged Lid
 Drainage  Siphon  Integral Tap  Integral Tap