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EquaGel General Cushion - Central Coast

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The EquaGel General Cushion is a wheelchair cushion that that promotes extreme comfort. Comes with a fluid resistant, vapour permeable cover. Featuring column buckling when the weight threshold is exceeded, causes the wall of gel to buckle into the hollow area between walls, passing weight to surrounding walls for support. Major pressure points of the pelvis buckle into the EquaGel, feeling almost as if they are free-floating, making the EquaGel General Cushion a perfect choice for comfort and durability.


  • Gel cushion for anyone in need of a low-profile comfortable cushion
  • Soft cushion allows bloodflow while providing support to prevent bottoming out
  • Redistributes pressure and cradles bony areas
  • Precision contouring for stability and coccyx relief
  • 2" gel walls are soft to the touch and distribute weight across cushion surface
  • Comes with Fluid resistant, air-permeable cover which prevents moisture and heat buildup