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Carolift 90 - Car Hoist Central Coast - Mobility Joy

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The Carolift 90 is a rear-mounted hoist that assists the user in picking up and stowing their mobility device in the back of their vehicle. The crane-like arm can lift chairs and scooters that weigh up to 90kg and seamlessly transfers them in and out of the vehicle.

This particular lift can be fitted into an array of different sized vans and station wagons and can be altered to be fitted into vehicles with awkwardly shaped rear doors.

The arm of the Carolift 90 is articulated both ways, providing a variety of positions. This feature makes installation possible in vehicles with narrow rear openings and snug compartments.

 Key features of the Carolift 90 include: 

  • Lifts up to 90 kg
  • Powered lifting and swivel
  • Operated with a hand control
  • Suitable for station wagons, minivans or full-size vans
  • Height and length adjusted by cutting
  • Delivered with a universal mounting base
  • EMC and crash test approved


  • The lift is electrically operated using the cars own battery.
  • Voltage 12 V
  • Power consumption at maximum load less than 10 A


  • Suitable for station wagons, minivans or full-size vans. The flexible arm and flexible mounting base makes the Carolift 90 a suitable choice for sedans or estate cars with a sloping and low rear door.
  • The hoist can lift most manual wheelchairs as it can lift wheelchairs that weigh up to 90kg.
  • Customisation
  • Height and length adjusted by cutting

Mount Storage

  • Delivered with a universal mounting base


  • Once the mobility device is stored inside the vehicle the entire hoist can be folded to the floor to keep a clear back view.
  • The hoist is detachable and easy to remove from its mounting base by lifting up the arm. This provides more space in the boot.

Additional Dimensions

Weight .. 15 kg including mounting bracket
Height... 1060 mm (Adjustable)
Width (of boot required for folded position)... 1410 mm

Load Capacity (supplier stated) 90Kg

Manufactured in Autoadapt, Sweden


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