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Funke Medical Pressure Care Mattress MAXX 250 86/196/18 cm

Bariatric Decubitus Therapy Mattress - Bariatric

Hyper-elastic foam core with longitudinal and diagonal intersections, Three-layered Air ventilation for optimal micro-climate, Optimal pressure relief and minimal shear force, Applicable for pain therapy PU-tex cover removable and washable up to 95°C,Permeable to steam and flame retardant.

Features :

  • Hyper-elastic HR Foam Core
  • Exceptional Ventilation System for an Ideal Micro-climate
  • PU-Tex Cover Removable (autoclavable + disinfectant-proof)
  • Applicable for Pain Therapy Up to Stage 4 (EPUAP)
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Waterproof/ Permeable to Vapour
  • Autoclavable according to RKI guidelines
  • Patient weight: 40 - 250 kg


Product Specifications                                                     
Flame Retardant 1DIN EN 597 ( 1 + 2) CRIB 5
Machine Washable up to 95°C
Suitable Patient Weight Range 40kg- 250kg
Autoclavable 105°C
Weight 18-20kg
Maximum Shear Force 18mmHG

bariatic maXX 250 - Available for trial at Mobility Joy - Central Coast