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Christmas Ideas 2021

    Mobility Joy
    Christmas Ideas 2021

    If you are still thinking what to get mum and dad this Christmas come to Mobility Joy.

    We have a range of products that will make their life a little easier and more enjoyable.

    By far, the most popular gift within our range are the tipping kettles, no need to lift the kettle to poor, no more straining their hands when doing this simple everyday task.

    Another popular idea for a Christmas present would be our digital clocks that display date, day, time, Morning/Afternoon/Evening in large prominent letters that can be seen from a distance and can also be programmed with up to 10 alarms.

    Touch lamps are another affordable, beautiful and thoughtful gift option that will make it safer for them to get around their room at night. These lamps give out a soft glow that's gentle on the eyes while giving the room a cozy and calm feel, they are also very easy to operate.

    An overbed/overchair table is also a great way that could make a big difference... split table tops are the best ones, especially for someone who enjoys reading or working in their computer/tablet: one side of the table will tilt allowing the user to sit in a comfortable position while the other side will stay flat to hold their drink, pens etc. It's a good idea to get a table with hydraulic leavers so adjusting height and tilting is effortless.

    Going a bit up in price are super-lightweight Peak carbon fiber walkers, which would be a stylish upgrade, perfect for the mums and dads that are still using their clunky old ones .  More so if they are still grabbing on to shopping trolleys to get around the shops. Another option would be the Peak aluminium walker which has the same fancy looks but it's much more cost effective.

    Have you noticed it's getting harder for them to get up from the chair lately because their hips or knees hurt? then a lift chair or a standing aid would be a great way to get the pain out of the equation; the lifting action will help them stand up or get in the chair without any effort.

    If they get a bit confused with buttons and can't be bothered thinking what to press, it's best to go for a single motor lift chair which is very simple to operate as it only has an up and a down button. You can't get it wrong!
    Dual motor lift chairs are a bit fancier in the sense you can adjust the back, legs (sometimes lumbar and headrest) independently, they can have up to 8 buttons which is a challenge worth considering before you make a decision.

    Now, if you want to get all out, and climb up to the top of the favourite-children-ladder then an adjustable bed would be the #1 candidate for best Christmas present.
    These beautiful upholstered beds are comfortable, decorative and they are fitted with a range of functions that will help  take the pressure off your lower back and get them comfortable in a range of different positions, these functions include back, legs, tilt adjustment, massage etc.  However, the most popular feature for older adults by far is the Hi-Lo function which brings the whole bed up, making it effortless to get in and out and bringing it all the way down to the floor, making it safer for someone who tends to roll out of bed.

    These are some Christmas ideas we picked from our best-seller products, but please feel free to browse through our website... make sure you check our mobility scooters range, bathroom aids and daily living collections to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Merry Christmas 2021 and happy 2022!

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