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General Troubleshooting Mobility Equipment - Mobility Joy - Central Coast

Posted by Maria Correa on

ProCair Plus Mattress Replacement System

Issue: Alarm goes off, letters SF (Start up fail) and LP (Low pressure) came up.

Solution: Inspect hoses and confirm they are all plugged in correctly. Check CPR sealing valve is closed

Pride Celebrity Mobility Scooter

Issue: Scooter won't start up after crashing into a planterbox. Lights on tiller, horn, etc out


  • Inspect battery connections: OK
  • Inspect voltage on tiller (charging port):OK
  • Open dashboard and measure continuity on the switch: Failed on both positions
  • Short-circuit switch, if scooter starts, replace switch


Peak Pioneer 12 Mobility Scooter (by Merits)

Issue: Brand new scooter with brand new 85amp hr batteries will cut out or slow down (from 6Km/h down to 1 Km/h) as riding down hill. Sometimes Error code 3 will come up 


  • Slow down when going downhill
  • Bring the speed pot down to 12pm when going downhill

Further Explanation:

Pioneer scooters have the Dynamics Rhino 2 controller.  Error code 3 is "Battery Voltage too high". Electromagnetic brakes fitted to the scooter recharge the batteries when running downhill if the batteries are brand new and are fully charged the signal "Battery Voltage Too High" will come up

Configura Comfort

Common set up parameters:

See this video on how to install the Configura Comfort height adjustment kit

See this video on how to to adjust the Configura Comfort tilting angle


Ellipse Carbon Fibre Peak Walker

Issue: Breaks needing replacement



  • Remove small screw from handle using an Allen key
Carbon Fibre Peak Walker - Disassembly of handle - Mobility Joy - Central Coast
  • Pull out handle assembly and cable
Carbon Fibre Peak Walker - Disassembly of cable - Mobility Joy - Central Coast
  • Remove black plastic pin to reveal cable and ball end
Carbon Fibre Peak Walker - Reveal cable and ball end - Mobility Joy - Central Coast
Carbon Fibre Peak Walker - brake assembly pulled apart - Mobility Joy - Central Coast
  • Loosen nut with Allen key at brake end and cut off cable clamp
Carbon Fibre Peak Walker - Fixing nut at wheel end - Mobility Joy - Central Coast
  • Pull cable through at handle end. Poke out ball and pull cable through
  • Re-insert new cable as per reverse of pulling out old cable. Feeding new cable through the sheath
Carbon Fibre Peak Walker - brake assembly pulled apart - Mobility Joy - Central Coast
  • NOTE: check for burring on the end of sheath, this may be a cause to the cable breaking in the first instance
  • Re-attach pin at handle end and re-insert handle assembly then screw in small plate at handle end
  • Feed brake nut and clamp at brake end and adjust as necessary
  • Estimated time to complete 30 min - 40 min

Pride T-3 infinite-position zero gravity power liftchair recliner

Issue: Liftchair is up, it wont come down. The backrest can be moved with the handset but nothing else moves


  • Power transformer is lit, the backrest moves and the handset has power. Power transformer is ok
  • Chair tested with a brand new handset. Issue remains


  • Chair tested with a new controller box. Issue has been corrected

Drive Venom Portable Mobility Scooter

Issue: Error code 3,2. Scooter won't move


  • In accordance to the Curtis controller flash codes is indicative of a Brake Fault.  As per recommendation the freewheel lever has been inspected and confirmed it to be on "drive" mode
  • Other items inspected: there is power on the dashboard, scooter is fully charged, charger isn't plugged in, battery packed pulled out and placed back in. Error persists


  • The scooter is pulled apart and assembled together, verifying that all contacts between the front part and rear motor are correct. This solved the problem

Pride Victory LX

Issue: 6 month old runs slow. It goes at a walking speed even with the speed limit potentiometer on fast and speed pot set on max. 


  • Wig wag (throttle) was tested with multimeter for the following: 5Kohms max (from the 2 end wires (blue, yellow)), 2.5Kohms from middle to end wires (white to yellow, white to blue). Progressive increase in Ohms when winding wig wag from one site to the other.


  • Wig wag (throttle) was replaced


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